Wednesday, 27 April 2011

"Playboyz STeam"

Owh. So Un-bloody-believable!
I found this when I was checking on my EX's FB!
(Yeah, 'checking ur EX FB' was pretty annoying and like-OMG-u're-so-disgusting ; screw it this time!)
I cant get hold myself from thinking why he did that to me,
And seeing this page in his friends' list, stumbled me.

The group's tagline:

Di Depan Setia,
Di Belakang Curang.

Holy Shit!

For God Sake!

And seeing the url adress

I wonder were there nine playboys in this group that were playing with woman's heart over and over again? Laughing their ass off for the woman they cheated and deceived? Urghhh! Annoying! 


Screw them to death!

And anyone, sanggup tak menyamar jadi sesape so that you can get into the group? Kita investigate what's going on with this bloody group? Preferably boys. Now I really know what's happening. Pufft!

Notakakipenulis:Urghh...Mood nak exam hilang pasal nih. He'll get it from me, we'll see. No more oheemmgee-cute-angelic-forgiveness for him. There's no way he can get away without a nice sweet revenge.  U'll get it shorty! *evil grin*


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